Agnieszka Nowak

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Role in Story: The "theoretical" member of Project Psychopomp, she'll be around to explain theory to the Soldier or the Survivor after the initial match of ectoplasm has occurred and settled in.

Occupation: meta-physicist

Physical Description: About 5'8", late 30's, very slender almost "boyish" build. Agnieszka wears glasses for her myopia. Her dirty blonde hair is worn in a simple pageboy cut.

Personality: Driven.

Habits/Mannerisms: Generally quiet and introverted, but prone to explosive outbursts when pushed too far or ignored by "the men in the room."

Background: Mother was a professor at a Polish university; father was an American exchange student. She grew up in New Jersey after immigrating with her mother who took a teaching position at Princeton. She's never married, but she had been engaged. Her fiancé was gunned down in a school shooting when he was picking his 14 year old nephew up from soccer practice. Presumably her own grief led to her interest in studying the conservation of life force.

Internal Conflicts: Her dislike of having her work coopted by the US Military is constantly at war with the opportunities that association has allowed.

External Conflicts: As a small, introverted woman dealing with marines, she's constantly having to make her presence known.


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