Colonel Nathaniel "Nate" Branson

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Role in Story: Nate is the righthand man of General Whistler. He's the one making assessments of potential matches in the field and making what are essentially "life and death" calls as to when to try to administer ectoplasm to a wounded soldier.

Occupation: Marine Colonel, permanently assigned to Project Psychopomp

Physical Description: African American, 6' tall, a runner's build.

Personality: Nate is an eternal optimist and a god-fearing Christian of the Southern Baptist variety.

Habits/Mannerisms: He prays. He doesn't necessarily believe in prayer as a means of asking god to intercede. Rather, it's a part of who he is, and he takes comfort from and find peace in the act of prayer itself.

Background: His family is from North Carolina and he was born there. He's faced his share of racism, but less so than his parents' generation and he chooses to remain hopeful. In college, he joined ROTC, which led to a career in the Marines.

Internal Conflicts: Nate has concerns (at times) that the "recycling" of unused lifeforce could be against the will of god, that the Decedents died when and as they did as part of a greater plan. But then, he also acknowledges that his role in Project Psychopomp could very well also be part of god's plan.

External Conflicts: He's attracted to Dr. Nowak, but she's totally oblivious of it. This leads to some frustration for Nate.


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