General Charles Whistler

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Role in Story: An ongoing presence in the background of the entire series, though more limited in the main story of any given book.

Occupation: Marine General in charge of Project Psychopomp.

Physical Description: In his mid-50s, Whistler still maintains an active regimen of activity to keep himself fit. But his body is aging and it takes its toll. He's 5'10", and his once muscular frame is sagging a bit from his years. His once jet black hair has begun to gray at the temples. His blue eyes don't see as well as they did.

Personality: Reserved, but friendly. If he's on your side, you'll know it. Not a "touchy" person.

Habits/Mannerisms: Unflinching once he has made up his mind.

Background: General Whistler comes from a long line of Marines. His father and both grandfathers were Marines, as were both of his younger brothers (one of whom will die in the line of duty at some point in this series, putting the General in the position of being a Survivor in his own project.

Internal Conflicts: He's had to make some tough calls during his long career in the military. Some of them didn't go well, and the outcomes haunt him.

External Conflicts: Whistler's niece (his brother's daughter) went to med school with Dr. Shortbread. They had a wild fling and then parted ways. The niece dropped out of school shortly after that and went on to become a very successful sales rep for a major drug manufacturer. Whistler nonetheless blames Shortbread for his role in the decision that led to her ending what could have been a brilliant medical career for his niece.


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