Ozymandias "Ozzie" Shortbread

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Role in Story: The "applied" member of Project Psychopomp. He's the hands-on guy who will usually be on the scene when the ectoplasm of the Decedent is bound to a matching Soldier.

Occupation: Parapsychiatrist

Physical Description: Tall and handsome, he has a slight scar that splits is left eyebrow neatly in half (from an accident sustained during a teenage job at a bespoke donut shop in Oregon). He looks like an actor playing a doctor on television. Blonde hair and almost always tanned.

Personality: high energy, almost frenetic at times (leading some people to think he's using/abusing stimulants).

Habits/Mannerisms: Ozzie fidgets. A lot. Some part of him is always in motion, a foot tapping, fingers drumming.

Background: Oyzymandias is the only child of two English professors from the Pacific Northwest. He's very well read in the classics, but rebelled against a life in the humanities by becoming a physician and psychiatrist, though arguably his parents' influence led him to apply his skills to paranormal areas.

Internal Conflicts: He's hydrophobic. Water in a tap is fine, but he won't go to the beach or the pool. Anything more than a bucket's worth of water and he'll panic.

External Conflicts: He resents having to depend on anyone else, which makes him difficult to work with (and he knows this). The dynamic with Nowak is particularly complex.

Notes: Ozzie is actually bipolar, and prefers NOT to take his meds (despite knowing better) expressing the concern that while they alleviate his mood swings, the medication also suppresses some of his wilder, creative leaps that, among other things, led to his discovery of using grief as a means of siphoning off ectoplasm of lifeforce. So, maybe he has a point. Nowak is aware of the situation and routinely covers form him when Shortbread is too depressed to function.

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