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Every story is going to focus (to one degree or another) on at least two of the three roles made possible by the SFnal device that underlies the entire series.

DECEDENT - This is someone who has died, but not due to natural causes. Their untimely death means they've left life force on the table. Those energies are going to be gathered up and given to someone else. Some portion of the decedent's 'spirit' will also transfer with that life force, in effect allowing them to live on inside the mind and body of another person, at least for a time.

SURVIVOR - A person who knew the decedent well, likely better than anyone else (a parent, sibling, spouse) and is wracked with grief at the loss of their loved one. That grief provides a gateway for the process of siphoning off the unspent life force, which in turn takes away the worst of the pain. Note that in some of the stories we'll be telling, the recipient of the decedent's life force will make contact with the survivor and play out an emotional and cathartic scene.

SOLDIER - This individual has been wounded in the line of duty, probably quite seriously. Their military career is over. They may well die soon. But they are a match for a batch of ectoplasm and receiving the life force of the decedent will heal them, restoring organs and even whole limbs. They'll also receive a voice in their head, the decedent, who may or may not recent the situation and/or the soldier. Depending on the amount of life force left after the physical healing, the soldier may have other abilities (ongoing rapid healing, faster reflexes, greater physical strength).

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